The world of the cats was a fascinating mystery to me... I considered cats like a small, shaggy sphinx that never caught my attention as I was too concentreted on dogs that I have always been sharing my life with since I was a child. By chance, one day, a small grey kitten became part of my family, his mother was a Norwegian cat, and I realized what having a cat means, better yet, what "living with a cat" means. It is a faithful companion; it is part of your life but, at the same time, discreet. It pays attention to every occurrence, positive and negative.
MAO grew to be a huge cat of more than eight kilos. He had a very sweet nature and soon became the leader of the Spitz tribe.

  Then arrived HEIDI. She was a small white kitten that someone had left in front of my home gate in a cold morning. She was a real hunter and I had to fight hard to get out of her mouth all those preys, often still alive, that presented me with. She never got used to the home life as a couch potato, she enjoyed going out and, unfortunately, one day she was killed by a fast car... She died in my arms, leaving me devastated... I did not know yet but I still had room in my heart (how easy it is for me to find room in my heart...!!!).
One day arrived my beautiful BLUE, a blue point Persian cat that I bought when I visited a cat show. He stared at me with his beautiful blue eyes and I knew he was everything I had always wanted in a cat. His fantastic temperament, relaxing and sweet natured, made me wish have a female, my Ludmilla, who I brought in from Russia. Unfortunately, she left me a few months ago... BLUE and MAO are now even closer to me, they console me and make it sure that there will always be cats in my life. I could not do without their kaliedoscope of feline affection...
It is six months since my white kitten passed away in my harms and it still hurts so much... I couldn't even write a line about her, almost to pretend that nothing had happened!! Ludmila is no longer here, she passed away at only two years of age due to a painful genetic illness that had not been diagnosed before... I can still see that small white flock that I brought along from Russia during a cold Winter morning. The crew played with her on the plane. I can still see her bold action, and hear her loud purr during the night, I can feel her beautiful head under my hand when she wanted to be cuddled... only the time, good doctor... I learned it the hard way, will relieve my sorrow for her loss but I know that I shall keep her memory deep in my heart as long as I live.